How can I have my online session?

How does it work?

How can I have my online session?

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us

Contact us, using our communication form or just call us at +30 210 99 66 333 and let us know how we can help you.

Step 2: Free evaluation session

Our reception office will respond promptly and make the necessary arrangements for a brief online meeting to discuss your needs.

This first online meeting usually lasts about 15 minutes. Our therapist will perform an initial evaluation of the child or the adult asking for our services so that we can begin to design the service especially for you.

Step 3: Our proposition

You will receive, through e-mail, a short, written report of our evaluation and our proposition. regarding the treatment/intervention program (duration program, frequency of inline sessions, cost etc.) that we feel is suited specifically for you.

Step 4: Sessions

If you decide to commit to the treatment program we have suggested, you can immediately start your online sessions, for which we will be utilizing your personal computer and audiovisual equipment.
During your first online session, your therapist will educate you about aspects of the therapeutic intervention, like the sessions structure, the use of complementary material (e.g. questionnaires or practice materials to be used), the use of shared computer applications etc.

A treatment program usually includes:

  • Regular online meetings, with a predefined and agreed upon frequency and duration
  • A therapeutic file that includes all the information regarding the start, progress and completion of the program. This file is at your disposal and it can also be useful for the briefing of other professionals involved with the individual receiving the service (e.g. school teacher, neurologist etc.)

Payment methods

There are two available payment methods


  1. Bank deposit (for the whole amount or in installments according to the arrangements you have made with our accounting office)
    • NBG
      GR 5701100890000008944019994
    • Piraeus Bankς
      GR 9101710400006040121638863
    • Alpha Bank
      GR 0601401350135002320010683
  2. Credit card through e-POS

Step 5: Therapy Completion

Completion of the scheduled online sessions and quality assurance control, using a short questionnaire that we will provide you, for the continuous improvement of our services.


Free Re-evaluation

…6 months later,  to make sure that everything is going a planned!