From Evlogon to ... e-Evlogon

Get to know us, before you trust us…

Evlogon was founded about 20 years ago by Eirini Kiamou, a speech and language pathologist. Back then, Mrs. Kiamou, had just completed her studies in the U.S.A. and Europe, specializing in fields like stuttering, generalized developmental disorders and cochlear implants.

Since then, she has been the supervisor of the interdisciplinary team of Evlogon. She has also volunteered her services, for many years, in the Athens Children’s Hospital “Pan. & Agl. Kyriakou” for cases that called for her expertise and has served as a professor in the Department of Speech & Language Therapy in T.E.I. of Iperus. In 2013 she founded the non-profit organization “Therapeia ison Elpida” that offers special education and treatment services in Athens and all over Greece.

Evlogon aims to provide high quality special education and therapeutic services, using cutting edge methods and techniques. The interdisciplinary team of experts includes scientists from different fields and specializations (special educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists). The cooperation between all these experts has proven, in the course of the 20 years of Evlogon, to produce excellent results.

We operate strictly under the ethics code of the health professions and our professional associations in Greece. We follow specific protocols and procedures to ensure the quality of the offered services and the achievement of our therapeutic goals for each of our cases.

Recently, following the trends of our times, Evlogon decided to go on line. Online therapeutic services have been offered extensively during the past decade, both in the U.S.A. and in European countries, and have been found to produce excellent results, very similar to those of traditional therapy formats. We intend to use the accumulated knowledge our colleagues have provided us, through their work and research, to create the first online education and special treatment center in Greece. We proudly introduce “e-Evlogon”!

Our Team Supervisors

Eirini Kiamou

Eirini Kiamou

Speech therapists team supervisor

Speciality: Speech & Language Pathologist

E. Kiamou , MA, CCC-SLP is a speech and language pathologist and a member of ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) since 1995. She is the clinical supervisor of the interdisciplinary team of “Evlogon”, a scientific advisor in “Pan. & Agl. Kyriakou” Chiledrens Hospital and has taught, for many years in the Department of Speech & Language Therapy in T.E.I. of Iperus.

Nicoletta Georgiou

Nicoletta Georgiou

Psychologists team supervisor

Speciality: Clinical Psychologist

N. Georgiou, MA has completed her studies in Greece and received her M.A. in Clinical psychology in the U.S.A. She has been trained and continues to follow the principles of the cognitive-behavioral model in her interventions for children as well as for adults. She has been a member of the American Psychological Association since 2006.

Zoi Argiri

Zoi Argiri

Occupational therapists team supervisor

Speciality: Occupational therapist

Z. Argiri completed her studies in the Occupational therapy school of Athens ATEI and has been working in the field of special education since then. She has worked with children and adults in many special education and therapeutic programs and schools in Athens such as “Theotokos” Institution and the Psychiatric department of Eginitio Hospital.


Thanks to you, our supporters throughout Greece, since 1997 the “Hamogelo tou Paidiou” foundation has successfully provided help much needed to children and families in our country.

Kostas Giannopoulos

President, «Hamogelo tou Paidiou»

The feedback we are getting from our people is very positive, both regarding the speed with which they received the services needed and the zeal, ethics and consistency demonstrated towards the children and parents by the therapists.

Thanassis Marinopoulos

President, KDEPA Paros

Our cooperation until now has been excellent, since the interdisciplinary team has demonstrated α remarkable ethic, scientific validity and a genuine interest in the fulfillment of the therapeutic goals set for each one of their cases.

Giorgos Tsoukalas

Mayor of Elefsina

I believe that she (Eirini Kiamou) demonstrates dedication in her work and tries hard, having specific goals and genuine interest for the cases she undertakes. She handles and completes her assignments with scientific adequacy and consistency.

Chrisa Tzoumaka Mpakoula

Professor, Pediatric Medicine at the University of Athens